OTT/ CTV Advertising


Target individual properties using GPS data to serve OTT/CTV ads with unmatched precision and scale. Upload an address list, and Brandendo matches each address to a unique plat line validated by county tax records. The system then geo-fences the exact boundaries of the property.


Curate a custom audience based on 500+ location and demographic factors for targeting at the household-level. Build an audience in real time with access to 126 million U.S. households. Include or exclude your chosen factors with full Boolean AND/OR logic and see your audience size update dynamically.

How Does it Work

Brandendo’s cross-device graph associates all of a user’s devices with one address, thereby linking their smartphone, tablet, desktop, and OTT/CTV device. The system identifies web-connected devices within each property based on numerous data signals, including actual GPS coordinates from apps on the devices, IP addresses, and more. When a user is served an OTT/CTV ad, Brandendo then tracks conversions from any of the user’s devices. Since the internet is so massive, it is important to have something that makes you stand out.

Online and Offline Conversions

Track online actions such as webpage visits, form-fills, purchases, and more from users who were served OTT/CTV ads. Report on transaction values and order IDs from online purchases to determine ROAS. Optimize and report on Cost Per Action to drive performance and gauge ROI. Offline conversions occur when a user who has been served an OTT/CTV ad then visits the physical location of a Conversion Zone. Brandendo’s Geo-Conversion Lift reporting tracks incremental lift to physical foot traffic from targeted locations.


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