Media Buying

Media Buying.

Great planning starts with superior execution. Our first step is to formulate a strategy that integrates your media outreach with other pertinent aspects of your marketing plan. Brandendo will maximize the impact of your campaign by creating a strategy that makes the most of your media budget.

Media Negotiation.

There are two very important factors that affect the ability to negotiate a media purchase. The first is knowledge. Having a deep understanding of a media entity’s strengths, weaknesses, and competition as well as how consumer trends pertain to said media is valuable to our clients. Second is relationships.

At Brandendo, we have relationships that exist in a multitude of markets. These relationships allow us to provide cost-saving efficiencies and investment enhancing extras that you would otherwise not receive.

Media Reporting and Posting.

Buying traditional media requires an additional step to assure you that all deliverables were appropriately met. Media sellers can, at times, overstate their audience delivery capabilities. We not only provide analysis before the sale but we also make certain that everything that was promised is delivered after the sale.


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