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Make Profiles Your Client’s Highest Revenue Channel

Digital Profiles Receive 2.7x the traffic as your website.

Your customer’s journey starts with a search.

Today’s consumers are using internet-based searches to find businesses that are local.

97% of people search online to find a new local business.

46% of people search google with local intent.

70% of business traffic never reaches your website.

Drive Customer Behavior

Give your clients the control to convert customers easily.

Easily create, publish and optimize CTAs and Posts across your digital listings that drive consumers to take action.

Reputation Management

Your client’s reputation is at stake:

  • Enhance Customer Experience & SEO with Review Automation and Notifications
  • Glean actionable insights into customer experience impacting local sales with sentiment analysis
  • Improve review ratings and customer advocacy with review generation
  • Automate and rotate personalized responses with our canned response functionality

Built with Marketing agencies in mind

Automated — Take control of your client’s online visibility with minimal effort through custom automation and notifications.

White Labeled — White label your dashboard, email, notifications, reports, and prospecting tools with your agency’s branding.

Flexible — Provide direct API access for easy integration with third-party applications and seamless flow of data.

Hassle-Free — Get started instantly with simple, straightforward onboarding.

Scalable– Manage thousands of locations and clients at scale in one single dashboard.

How Brandendo can drive your agency’s growth

  • Improve your client’s brand perception and drive conversions with review management
  • Focus on bigger things while we automate your local marketing
  • Combine your offerings and sell them at your own price
  • Deep-dive into analytics and gain comprehensive business insights


Take the first step in optimizing your company’s website.